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1 - Facilitate access to knowledge and create sustainable learning opportunities. 

2 - Promote community development and empowerment. 

3 - Provide facilities for public meetings and social activities.





Building learning centers that will provide a variety of programs and activities to women and youth.  


Economic empowerment of women is a fundamental basis for the development of rural communities. This project encourages women to evolve and grow inside a safe and supportive environment, to learn a skill or to improve their field of expertise.

This project is part of a non-formal educational program that creates opportunities for learning and personal development based on the needs of the community.

In addition to providing learning opportunities, the center will serve as a community center; these centers  promote the expertise of women of the region where they are located, and  provide job opportunities because they will be built and managed by women. 




Providing complementary training programs that emphasize key areas such as :

- Marketing. (merchandising, advertising)

- Basics of finance and communication.

(approach to clients, storytelling and communication tools).


In order to succeed in our actions, we aim to focus on woman’s skills that will help them start a business or improve an existing one.

Our complementary training programs and their results are reviewed on an annual basis.

We continually work on improving the programs and creating new ones that will suit the women’s needs.

We also create an internship program for students from major American and European universities, who bring their specialized knowledge to help in our continual improvement process.

Moreover, we bring international consultants on board who have experience in related fields of work.





Putting in place a local and sub-regional support network that helps these women in achieving their goals.


Connecting to such a network allows them to share not only their ideas and resources but also their problems and concerns.

Through these networks, they are able to help one another, start a business by investing together, find solutions, discuss ideas and business opportunity, and support one another through times of hardship.




Putting in place partnership programs with existing organizations and foundations.


Mayshad Foundation also supports existing foundational or organizational programs that have been successful, or and that comply with our institutional goals and objectives. 

We connect with major universities in order to reinforce programs and their efficiency.

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