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Here is a concise overview of our values in our role as a social impact implementing organization.

  • Cultural Preservation: Respecting and celebrating Morocco's rich heritage, the foundation supports initiatives to preserve local culture, traditions, and crafts.

  • Partnerships & Collaborations: The Mayshad Foundation leverages partnerships with other NGOs, government bodies, and private sector players to maximize the impact of its initiatives.

  • Advocacy & Awareness: Through campaigns, workshops, and events, the foundation raises awareness on pressing issues like climate change, gender equality, and more, aiming to influence policy and public opinion.

  • Disaster Relief: Responding to emergencies, such as natural disasters, the foundation provides immediate aid and long-term recovery solutions to affected communities.

  • Transparency & Accountability: Upholding the highest standards, the foundation ensures all projects are executed with full transparency, and regular reports are released to keep stakeholders informed.

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