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Nezha Alaoui’s involvement as a photographer and as a humanitarian worker at the United Nations have allowed her to visit and feel many marginalized communities where she developed an instant sense of attachment. It is with that spirit that following her successful business career she founded Mayshad Foundation to share her empowerment message with youth and women. 
Nezha’s African heritage and her Western living experiences empowered her to parlay her competencies to initiate and develop grass root programs that are currently being implemented by the Mayshad Foundation.
Her first hand involvement in many global development conferences coupled with her oratory skills had allowed her to narrate the plight of many unprivileged populations which resulted in highlighting many issues. Consequently, she began to foster custom made action plans to address their needs.

Ms. Alaoui’s pragmatic solutions have always received attention and support that she uses to successfully cultivate programs sponsored by the Mayshad Foundation.

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