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Leadership. Development. Innovation. These are our ideals at Mayshad Group. We apply them equally to our love of the arts as we do our socially responsible enterprises. As we celebrate the richness and diversity of cultures, we are pleased to present this collection of artwork that represents our ideals. As an artist myself, I have found my photography to be an important medium to express my voice without barriers, share my story of empowerment, and build meaningful connection. Art is vast in its appeal; it speaks to people of all ages, races, languages. It evokes an emotional bond that unites us all. Art is a critical pillar of our ecosystem of women’s development projects to empower and unite women from all corners of the globe.


Mayshad Group is more than an enterprise. It is a choice.

Nezha Alaoui, President, Mayshad Foundation

We are proud to present the enclosed array of artists and their work. We have focused on three areas: Morocco-themed art, African artists, and international female artists. We hope you will find works that speak to you here.  


Our unique approach of involving artists and galleries in the proceeds of the sale enables us to curate an auction.  We have worked with our global team to identify the artists contained herein. In each case, they have met two of the following three criteria that lead to long-term appreciation of value in the art market: (1) they are academically trained from a leading institution, (2) they have representation from an established gallery, and/or (3) they have been acquired by leading collections. 


Every purchase furthers the Mayshad mission in a meaningful way.  We are excited to partner with these artists whose ideals align with ours.

Aseem Giri, Art Advisor, Mayshad Group


Mayshad Art Digital Gallery Fall 2019

all proceeds from sales of these gallery works support the Mayshad Foundation 501(c)3 organization

Bids Due Oct 15

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